Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our First Week in Pre-School

I can't believe the first week of pre-school has come and gone! I have loved meeting each and every one of your students! I feel spoiled with my classes this year--everyone is already doing an EXCELLENT job! I snapped a few photos this week to share with you.

First up, are free play centers. This part of our day is "Work Time" in our High Scope daily routine. The students are doing an excellent job understanding the way the High Scope curriculum works and are catching on very quickly. Most students are familiar with this curriculum from their classrooms last year, but a few are not.

Building castles in the block area. Those blocks with the red doors in them, are just so neat, we might need to use as many as we can!

We can make all kinds of things in the sand table! (I had a lot of cakes this week!) And how fun are the sand spinners?! We really love using the funnel too! If sand gets on the floor we know it's okay, but some students have even gone into our House Area for the toy broom to sweep it up!

Check out our really cool train set in the Block Area! There are endless possibilities! The set includes bridges and tunnels and the students are doing an excellent job sharing the trains and the space on the tracks! One day we made a huge track that circled under the table and chairs!

Our Writing Area, or Drawing Area, is a lot of fun too! We have markers and crayons, paper to draw our own pictures or color ones in. We also have Magna Doodles with really fun shapes, designs, and words we can make. Pretty soon we will have some new items in our Writing Area like chalk and chalk boards!

For Small Group time this week we played some matching & memory games and we even made our placemats that we will keep for snack each day. The students love the opportunity to do whatever they like to their placemats! And little do they know just how much it tells their teacher about them! It was a favorite activity for all! Check us out working hard!

Hope you have enjoyed our first post of us in action in the classroom! I can't wait to keep you up to date with more fun activities we will be doing! This week we will be doing Bus activities and reading, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!"

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