Friday, December 23, 2011

Polar Express & Pajama Day!

Have I mentioned yet that pajama day is one of my favorite days of the year? I love getting to wear my pajamas to work and the kids seem to have so much fun with it too! They get good giggles out of seeing their teachers in their pajamas!

We got to enjoy hot chocolate, popcorn, and cookies on our pajama day, all while watching the polar express! I was able to snag a few photos from our PJ day. I swear I would still forget to take photos if the camera was glued to my hand!

When we come back on January 3rd we will be enjoying a week of winter activities, then move on to snow, snowmen, & penguins! Miss Blecki can't wait! Hopefully the kiddos are excited too! I hope you all have a wonderful & safe holiday break! :) See you in the New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread Activities

I can't believe we are so close to Christmas break! We have a short week this week and lots of fun planned with our pajama and Polar Express day! And I hope the students are as excited to bring home their gift to you as I am! :)

Before I share with you pictures from this week (although I don't have as many as I wish I did...what else is new?!) I want to share with you the pictures from our monster activities that I promised!

Our monster glyphs--
shape= boy or girl
color= favorite color
eyes= do you like monsters? yes-4 no-1
spots= how old you are

This past week was spent doing gingerbread activities. We got to on a scavenger hunt for gingerbread cookies after reading The Gingerbread Man. That sneaky guy left us clues all over the school, starting in the back of the book! We also had a gingerbread house in our house area. We could put out cookies and milk, or decorate the Christmas tree while inside the house.

I love how this  turned out! And the students all followed directions so well with it! It was super simple for me to make. It's a $5 brown twin bed sheet from walmart, white & red duck tape and everything is hot glued on! So simple.

We had gingerbread mix in our sensory table. It smells sooooo good!

We decorated gingerbread men at the art table too. If you have never mixed shaving cream with Elmer's glue before, you HAVE got to try it! It is SO cool. And it dries puffy just like it looks when you put it on!

And last but not least, on Friday, after Santa's workshop, we did a fun christmas tree activity and a fun snowman activity. Our snowmen are going to take DAYS to dry! Hopefully the weekend did them good & they will be dry in time to take home on Tuesday or Wednesday!

They had to size sequence the green tree pieces and then used q-tips to add snow. I LOVE how these turned out & how unique each one is!

And here are our snowmen! I can't wait for you to see the finished product when the students bring them home! (Sorry for the silly angle on the photo. I took it upside down & then flipped it on the computer!)

And I almost forgot! Check out our door with all of our gingerbread men the students brought in! A few more were brought in after I snapped this photo so I apologize if you don't see your child's gingerbread man! :) I love this activity! I love seeing what you all come up with!

I hope to get in another post this week after our pajama day fun! Stay tuned! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I know It's December already! We have been so busy since we came back from Thanksgiving Break and me getting sick did not help! Now, before I start making holiday posts, let's show off some of our November work!

Of course you've seen all these great pieces of they have already been sent home! :) We just wrapped up a week of Monsters, and before that we did Dinosaurs. For both weeks, we had dinosaurs in our house area--which the students loved! Dinosaurs are so fun!

We had a volcano! There are dinosaur hats (from the Dollar Tree!) and some dinosaur feet. I'm not sure where these are from, but you can make a similar purchase through Oriental Trading, here.

We made the dinosaur hats in the art area that day! Those feet are pretty tricky to walk in, but it's great coordination practice for the students and they had so much fun with them!

During our monsters week we had monster playdoh (playdoh with glitter), monster color matching games, monster clip counting (using clothespins to clip to the correct number), and we made monster glyphs! Miss Blecki was out sick two days during our monster week, so we are missing pictures! I'll take one of our monster glyphs so share with you next week!

Be on the look out for our November Newsletter coming home, and don't forget to finish your Gingerbread men and send them back in!