Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

Sorry for not keeping up to date these last few weeks! Things have been busy and will only be getting busier between now and Christmas break! (Which if you haven't noticed, will be coming up so soon!)

I have updated our monthly calendar page! (Finally, I know!) Hopefully, there's nothing new from the monthly calendar sent home in our newsletter!

After we finished up our theme of pumpkins, we spent a week on Pets, a week on Leaves, and have started Turkeys this week! The students loved our Pets unit and taking care of the stuffed dogs, cats, and horses in our Vet's Office in the house area! We added some fake leaves to our block area along with some rakes. We stayed busy raking the leaves up! We started Turkeys this week and will be doing turkey activities until we are off for Thanksgiving/fall break! Check out the photos below of us in action!

They made a face with the geo blocks all on their own using the carpet shape for a face!
We also made paper bag dogs!
Be on the lookout for some great artwork to come home soon! Be sure to make room for more to follow!

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