Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've been so Busy!

This blog became neglected this past month & I am so sorry! Things have been super busy in our classroom since I last posted! Our student teacher, Ms. Tammy continued to take over more and more in the classroom and then completed 2 weeks of solo teaching!

I have now taken back over teaching & am so excited!'s hard to let go of your classroom as a teacher, but such a great experience having a student teacher!

Here are some photos of different games & activities we enjoyed this week:

Playing a shape game!

Chicks in our water table! Look at the number on the container to see how many to put inside!

Bet you'll never guess what is in the bottles! It was so neat!

Making a paper plate bunny!

Some really neat block building this week!

Re-creating our messages board in the writing area!

On Friday we read "The Carrot Seed" and made our own carrot pictures of carrots growing in the dirt. I forgot pics of us working hard on our pictures, but will get a picture of the final product for you!

We have school 4 days this week before spring break starts on Friday! Woo hoo!


  1. Just found your blog through a pinterest picture and started following you- i love what you are doing in your classroom. I will start my first year teaching in ECSE this fall and will be using the high scope curriculum. I see you are in or finished your second year of teaching, do you have any advice for a new teacher?

  2. What was in the bottles?? You never said but the colors look fun. :)