Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let's Talk Pumpkins!

Sorry for not updating last week. It was a short school week with only 3 days for the students. We continued/wrapped up our activities with apples and moved on to pumpkins this week.

House Area: pumpkin patch
Block Area: blocks, cars, gears
Toy Area: Counting cards, matching games, puzzle cards, snap blocks
Writing Area: Making jack-o-latern faces/writing on pumpkins, practicing the letter P
Art Area: brown bag pumpkins, painting pumpkins, play doh
Sensory Table: sand with small plastic pumpkins

We also looked inside of a pumpkin at small group time, practiced counting skills, and learned how a pumpkin grows!

We will be continuing to talk about pumpkins this week with some added Fire trucks and fire prevention activities as well. Fire prevention week was earlier this month, but a fire truck is coming to visit us on Friday! We will talk about the importance of stop, drop, and roll. Make sure your child knows what to do if there is ever a fire at home!

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